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Extraordinary Threat or Clever Vaccine Marketing?

More than four years before the coronavirus became infamous, we heard terrifying stories about the zika virus in Brazil. It began in May 2015. The virus, spread by mosquitoes of the Aedes family, could affect the unborn fetus. The warnings seemed highly inflated because the virus posed no risk to men, and despite the fact that pregnant women would be at risk, there was no threat to non-pregnant women. Vaccines would nevertheless be extremely necessary. What exactly was going on here? Was this a real threat or was it cunning fear-based marketing for vaccines?

By C.F. van der Horst
5 February 2016, updated on 1 September 2022

Despite the small risk group, the call for vaccination against the zika virus was strong. You don’t just have a vaccine, however, because research on effectiveness and especially safety takes many years. According to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, based in the birthplace of American medicine, vaccine development is a long and complex process that often takes 15 years and involves public-private effort (a combination of government and industry).

However, all that years of research proved unnecessary for a zika vaccine. Indian scientists claimed back in February 2016 that they had developed a vaccine against the zika virus. Had medical science taken a genius leap by skipping 15 years of research?

Dangerous World Proves Prime Marketing

First there was the Ebola virus, the Zika virus followed. This virus poses a threat to the unborn fetus of pregnant women and babies with too small skull size could result (microcephaly). The media promoted that the solution would be vaccination.

We saw something similar happen earlier with swine flu, when suddenly all of the Netherlands had to be vaccinated. That smear campaign was sparked at the time by Ab Osterhaus, who, as chairman of the vaccine lobby group ESWI, would like to vaccinate 75% of all elderly people and cherish a pandemic as a bonus. Creating a dangerous world with disaster scenarios caused much unrest, cost the Dutch taxpayer enormous sums of money (up to 700 million euros!) and in retrospect turned out to be a storm in a teacup.

From Zika Virus to Coronavirus: Fears and Vaccines

The zika virus appeared to be the prelude to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that suddenly threatened the world’s population in late December 2019. At least that is what the World Health Organization made believe, and the message of that supranational body was adopted by governments. Computer models painted doomsday scenarios and extreme measures were introduced that caused great harm to economic and social life. It was waiting for a vaccine to be developed, as with the zika virus, in no time. Everyone would have to be vaccinated, the mantra went.

Compared to the predictions of computer models, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 turned out to be vastly less than expected. The effects were similar to a severe flu. Although there are different types of flu viruses, they wanted to make it clear that it was not just another flu and gave the disease its own name, COVID-19. However, the differences are small. As happens every year during a flu epidemic, COVID-19 claimed numerous victims among the elderly and those with underlying conditions such as obesity. Although people outside those groups could also contract COVID-19 and some suffered residual symptoms, the vast majority of the population remained unaffected—again, just like any other form of flu.

The really big difference from previous flu epidemics was the media coverage, where you literally heard hell and damnation every hour of every day. Apparently the population needed to be properly frightened, just as happened with swine flu and the zika virus, but now on a much larger scale. Because of the fear, vaccines were rushed to market without the usual safety and effectiveness research. While vaccination was not mandatory, if you wanted to go to a social or cultural activity or abroad, you could not escape it. How many people would have taken an experimental corona vaccine if they had not been made so afraid or if their freedom of movement without it had not been so restrained?

And who benefited the most from the fear? The pharmaceutical industry particularly prospered. Drug companies made record profits and their CEOs became billionaires. With the slight differences from common flu epidemics and the industry’s profiteering, we can safely speak of fear-based marketing.

Unproven Remedies for Mild Flu

Let’s return to swine flu for a moment. The panic that the narratives about this affliction caused was so great that an expedited registration process skipped the standard medical examination for the so-called pandemic influenza vaccines —just as happened in 2020 for corona vaccines. Efficacy had not been studied and there was only information available on safety. Yet they were purchased at premium prices.

With the flu drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu®), things turned out even worse. The Geneesmiddelenbulletin (Medicines Bulletin in the Netherlands) reported in a review of the drug, “Initially reported positive effects of the drug were mainly based on unpublished research, sponsored by the manufacturer and partly written by ghostwriters. There have since been reports of rare and serious side effects.”

Investigative journalist Daan de Wit wrote of the swine flu: “While it had long been known that it was a mild flu, everything was nevertheless done to create a panic of pandemic proportions.”

Could this also have been the case with the zika virus? Was it all about vaccine marketing? And what about the fuss over the corona flu and the accelerated market approval of vaccines against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2? Isn’t there a visible pattern?

Background Zika Virus

According to the WHO, zika virus was first spotted in rhesus monkeys in Uganda in 1947. In the same year, J. Casals applied for a patent on the virus on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation (you can now order the virus freeze-dried online under the name ATCC®VR-84TM). Five years later, it was found in people in Uganda and in Tanzania. Symptoms did not appear to be severe and ranged from mild fever and skin rash to inflammation of the eye mucosa. There was an outbreak in French Polynesia in 2013 and in Brazil in 2015. In the latter country that same year, a higher than normal incidence of birth defects was noted: newborn children suffered from microcephaly, a central nervous system abnormality in which the skull size is too small and the brain does not fully develop.

Is Microcephaly caused by the zika virus or by vaccines?@3x

Is Microcephaly caused by the zika virus or by vaccines?

No Scientific Evidence

Because the hitherto relatively harmless zika virus also happened to be found, they assigned the abnormality to it. However, there was no scientific basis for this. Independent investigative journalist Jon Rappoport reported a major omission, as they failed to take a biopsy. Should one find large amounts of zika virus in them under the electron microscope, one had reason to attribute the microcephaly to the zika virus. Other forms of testing such as the antibody and PCR tests have been found to be unreliable in determining with certainty whether there is a zika virus infection. And to establish—after the virus was fairly harmless for 69 years—a link between the zika virus and birth defects is stretching it even further. “It’s not science,” Rappoport said.

Interestingly, Rappoport already mentioned the inadequacy of the PCR test in connection with the zika virus, years before it was widely used in the corona flu. Use of the test was futile because the PCR test is unable to determine acute infection, persistent infectivity and actual disease. Moreover, the PCR test had no impact on COVID mortality. If the test was positive, it was wrongly used as a measure of infection and spread by health institutions such as the US CDC and its Dutch sister organization RIVM.

Time for Turmoil

Regarding the zika virus, the WHO’s 18-member Emergency Panel concluded in 2016 that there was an emergency because of “a strong suspicion of a causal link between zika infection during pregnancy and microcephaly.” The panel does add in the same sentence that Rappoport already mentioned, “…although it has not yet been scientifically proven.” Despite the lack of scientific evidence, experts felt it was time for upheaval. There would be a threat to public health in other parts of the world. Therefore, a coordinated international response is needed to limit the threat in affected countries and further international spread, the alarmists reasoned. The call for vaccinations began. Would there be any Ab Osterhaus-like people on that panel? And didn’t this panel follow the exact same pattern with the corona flu?

Does the World Health Organization specialize in spreading panic?@2x

Does the World Health Organization lend itself to the vaccine industry’s fear marketing?

The WHO has long since lost its independence. Its largest donor, Bill Gates, has hefty interests in the vaccine industry.

Colombian Study: No Link to Zika Virus

On June 15, 2016, the influential New England Journal of Medicine published preliminary results of a large study of pregnant Colombian women infected with the zika virus. Among the babies of 11,944 women with clinical signs of zika infections, no cases of microcephaly or other abnormalities were found. Although these are preliminary findings, they do make the link between the zika virus and microcephaly very unlikely.

Are TDAP Vaccines the Culprit?

It is noteworthy that the Brazilian Ministry of Health announced at the end of 2014 to inoculate all Brazilian pregnant women against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis or whooping cough (TDAP vaccinations) to prevent whooping cough in young infants in particular. Brazilian pediatrician Dr. Marco Aurélio Palazzi Sáfadi wrote shortly thereafter that ongoing surveillance of these vaccines is still needed “to get more solid evidence of the long-term safety and effectiveness of immunization programs against TDAP during pregnancy.”

Indications of Vaccine Insecurity

A year later, more children were born with microcephaly. Although there is no hard scientific basis for this either, the TDAP vaccination is a more obvious explanation for the brain abnormality than the zika virus. After all, the zika virus has proven to be fairly harmless for more than 70 years, while the TDAP vaccines directly targeted pregnant women and the vaccination was administered in the year prior to the rise in microcephaly in newborn infants.

Vaccination Always Has Side Effects

Vaccines always have side effects Even the pro-vaccination Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US reports in bold letters on its website: “Any vaccination can cause side effects.” For example, there is evidence of a link between autism and vaccines against mumps, measles and rubella. The CDC had evidence of this association, but swept it under the rug. For adverse reactions to corona vaccines, the Dutch Lareb side effects center has received as many as 229,383 reports through Aug. 21, 2022. There are also indications for these vaccines that they can cause (serious) harm, but these are hardly discussed in the media, if at all. The why is easy to guess.

Passing the blame for a rise in the number of newborns with microcephaly on the zika virus fits perfectly into a marketing strategy. After all, it distracts from the more obvious harmfulness of the TDAP vaccines and, even better, it points to the “need” to buy vaccines. Thus, one kills two birds with one commercial vaccine stone.

The strategy, then, is:

  1. Find a virus
  2. Use the media to frighten people
  3. Sell vaccines as the solution.

Step 2 fits nicely into “disease promotion.” As documented in the book Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived, a pharmaceutical is not allowed to advertise drugs to consumers in practically every country, except the U.S. They may, however, “advertise” diseases. As you have read above, one can become extremely rich from this.

"Deadly Lies. How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived" describes the conflicts of interest of government officials and scientists, the mass marketing of the pharmaceutical industry, and the lies used to deceive both physicians and you.

“Deadly Lies. How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived” describes the conflicts of interest of government officials and scientists, the mass marketing of the pharmaceutical industry, and the lies used to deceive both physicians and you.

Summer Olympics and the Zika Virus Vaccine

The 28th Summer Olympics were held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, quite coincidentally five-six months after the call for vaccinations against the zika virus. More than 11,000 athletes and 50,000 volunteers were active at the games. In addition, crowds of reporters and droves of supporters flocked to Brazil (7.5 million tickets were sold). Of course, all were advised to get vaccinated. From that perspective, it was great that a zika virus vaccine had been developed on such short notice without the usual 15-year lead time.

Zika vaccines needed for Rio de Janeiro Olympics?

Were zika vaccines necessary for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics?

Questions remain

The question remains whether that happened to be a vaccine they had on the shelf for years and were looking for a virus that “fit”? It almost seems that the side effects of the TDAP vaccine have been glossed over the zika virus outbreak has been touted to sell more vaccines. For decades, the zika virus has been relatively harmless. Like swine flu, was inoculation done without any real reason? And what risks and dangers are associated with the zika virus vaccine?

These questions are interesting but redundant if the body is brimming with health. The book Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived tells you what you and your family can do to stay healthy so that vaccination—including of your children—is not necessary. A healthy body naturally has a strong immune system and does not get sick easily.

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How is it that organizations like the WHO give advice that is not for the public good? And later repeats it to an even more extreme degree? How can governments be so deluded? What can you personally do about it?

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