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An eye-opener!

Super book; just got it since yesterday and there is very much interesting information in it!!! Really an eye-opener on how the whole pharmaceutical industry and chemical medicine came to be.

Clear, straightforward and practical

This book is for doctors and patients, but just as much for students at university and other training institutions, farmers, “nutritionists,” honest politicians, business people, parents of children, people who want a healthy body, those who contribute to a better environment and so on and so forth. In fact, for all INTEGER and well-intentioned people who walk around in this society, because it is they who are being cheated and quite a bit at that! The truths in this book overturn a whole bunch of lies you’ve been bamboozled with. In other words, liberating.

It’s wonderful that a Dutchman has written such a book (instead of it coming from the US, for example). In case you have any doubts about purchasing the book: You can read the table of contents, introduction and the first chapter of Deadly Lies for free. Now for a version of “Deadly Lies” that is readable for YOUNG people and people who are NOT inclined to pick up a 464-page book. I sincerely hope the author reads this and will be willing to write a kind of “Deadly Lies for Dummies” that is thinner! That might help tip the balance of lies—truth toward truth.

The book has a clear message, is well-organized, and practically useful.

Facts you can’t ignore

The author comes up with lots of data that you can’t ignore: facts, names, events, dates, place names, quotes, etc. Everything can be verified. That is precisely what makes the book precious because that is what we humans/consumers need to be convinced of the deception regarding our food and all the white powders and pills.

The author lists many stakeholders: government, doctors, physician education, science, food and agriculture industry, patients, and consumers. I think WE citizens (consumer/patient) can be the strongest. We can be critical and, above all, remain so. We can make other, better choices regarding our food (organic, less processed, fewer additives) and regarding our attitude toward the medical profession (the doctor is not always right and his advice you may follow, but just as easily disregard).

Well-written book with an extensive list of source references. As far as I am concerned, such a book may become one of many! Because there are some things that need to be drastically addressed anyway.

Helpful, inspiring and informative

I already knew quite a bit about the abuses concerning the (information about) pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and the politics surrounding it. But through this book, I understand much better how it is, how the industry has become such an influence on what citizens now consider “normal” and how politics is systematically worked. Sometimes the evidence/background does get very detailed and lists a lot of facts, but for the most part, the book provides easily understandable information. By having read this book, I can now better judge what and who to believe and how to keep myself healthy. And also I can explain it better to others. Deadly Lies contains fascinating and useful information, it is inspiring and informative.

It helps you make decisions that suit you.

I hope a lot of people will also wake up and then you really should read this book!!! The system in the Netherlands forces you to take way too many certain medications, making you feel worse and worse. Then when you decide to take a different path everyone thinks it is strange and thinks you have gone crazy. While it soon turns out that that path helps much better and gets you back to feeling great!!!

This book helps you make decisions that are right for you, which is immensely pleasing.

Super book for everyone

The world needs to wake up! This book is definitely a recommended read. As a herbalist, I knew the abuses, but now I understand the background. This book is for anyone who does not blindly accept what people spread as truth and also for anyone who is looking for a healthier life. If everyone reads it you can change the world and healthcare costs will go down. After going through a lot in terms of health, I have been waking up a little more and more. I have done a tremendous amount of research and have discovered that the system in the Netherlands should be very different. It would also make it all a lot cheaper. It is a super book for everyone!

Complete, surprising, revealing and educational

What a great book! If your health and that of your loved ones is dear to you, you should read this book and let your loved ones read it too. This book not only puts its finger on the sore spots in the health field that are recognizable to everyone, and that have previously been disclosed independently in radio and TV programs and newspaper and Internet articles, but also makes known why nothing has been done with that data. For this, the author did the research I had wanted to do myself, but did not, after my father collapsed with his face in his plate during his annual lunch with a former colleague and had to be rushed to the hospital, where it was found that he had been poisoned by the large number of drugs prescribed to him: his 18 drugs were reduced to 6.

I also read in the newspaper that the University of Wageningen investigated and proved that injecting manure into the soil destroys soil life to such an extent that agriculture is only possible with large amounts of artificial fertilizer and chemical pesticides, and I was surprised that politics and Wageningen itself remained dead quiet about this afterward as if the report had escaped by mistake; the injection requirement, however, remained a legal obligation. Even the fuss about the conflict of interest surrounding the flu shot, Q fever, the revelations about false reports by scientists, the ever-increasing resistance of bacteria and viruses, the death of bees, and the poisoning of the water have not led to a really different policy on health and nutrition, but we do have to pay more and more for it. There is a factor at play that apparently policy makers consider even more important than our health and well-being.

This book is not called “Deadly Lies” for nothing, because it explains to the reader in great detail how and also why citizens have been lied to time and again about measures and means that would promote their health, while in reality, they weakened it more and more. It does not attack the doctor of integrity who cares for his patient and puts his healing above his own financial interest. The subtitle of the book is “How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived”; the book makes the reader aware that a kind of matrix has been established that has a complete grip on politics, health care, and agriculture that only a few see through.

Chapter 1 begins with a quote from Linus Pauling, biochemist, and two-time Nobel Prize winner: “Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world.” That seems to me the correct summary of the author’s intent of this well-readable written book, which (I’ve added them up) provides over 900 references to studies and publications, making it the best-documented fact book on sick health care I know of. Definitely recommended, suitable for those who have the courage to want to look through that matrix and care about health and the environment; a must-read for politicians in the House and Senate and all other policy makers and workers in these areas.

In summary, this book is complete, surprising, revealing and instructive.

This is of lasting value

It is time for everyone to buy this book. You’ll have more fun with that than with a filled stocking or a present under the Christmas tree. This present is of lasting value.

Startling and shocking book

This book is startling and shocking. It finally taught me the ignorance of doctors about “healing.” They were only taught in college to prescribe drugs, which only suppress symptoms. It fits beautifully with the words of Professor Ivan Wolffers during his farewell lecture as professor of Health Care and Culture: “Doctors: the Mouthpiece of the Pill Industry.” As well as “science is in decline.” This book also details how “scientific research” comes about. Ivan Wolffers even speaks of mafia practices. I have also read the book by John Virapen “Side Effects: Death—Confessions of a Pharma Insider” about corruption, bribery, government fraud, and conflicts of interest.

In Deadly Lies, the history of universities and the pharma industry is well documented so I now understand the cause that both I and doctors have been deceived. I do find it shocking information, but good to know now and hope others will benefit from it as well. Unfortunately, it took a long time for someone to write a book about this and also give tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of untruths and unbelievable practices yourself.

Responses in one sentence…

  • Very fascinating and intriguing book !
  • I’m reading the book now…mind-boggling….
  • I am very happy with this book; it confirms everything I have been fighting for for years….
  • A powerful book!
  • I am reading the book, am now halfway through the book and everything is even worse than I already thought! Well worth the money! But…….why are we letting all this happen? Don’t we revolt!

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