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Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived (2018) is CF van der Horst’s debut as an author. From his background as a physical therapist, Van der Horst became acquainted with both the possibilities and also the limitations of physicians and medical practice and their impact on public health.

C.F Van Der Horst on the Healthcare System

Van der Horst says of his experiences: “As a student, you think you can heal the entire world. In practice, however, there is relatively little you can do for a large group of people, and healing is certainly not one of them. It makes you think. This is when you look at the overall health trends and observe chronic diseases on the rise, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity, to name a few. These are apparently issues that medicine has no answer to, even for prevention. When public health deteriorates, you know there is something structurally wrong with what physicians learn in their training. That puzzled me. Furthermore, you occasionally read contradictory nutritional advice, sometimes a foodstuff is good and other times the very same thing is not so that at some point you no longer know what to believe. That made me curious and I wanted to find out the exact details and facts. I wanted answers and clarity.”

The Quest for Answers

Van der Horst got those answers. His quest required years of study of various health aspects of medicine and the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and food industries. Through his thorough approach, the author was able to separate fact from fiction. Van der Horst: “When you start to delve into it, you come across all kinds of data. When you verify these, some of them turn out to be correct and others not. Every now and then you fall off your chair when an official public health guideline turns out to have hardly any scientific basis. Then you want to understand why such a guideline has been accepted. Further searching opens up a cesspool. If you want to know exactly how things work, you cannot blindly accept what you read or hear, even if it comes from official channels. You will have to trace the information back to its source and to hard facts. Even though these are sometimes hard to believe, they make a lot of things clear. You start to see connections. You understand what is wrong and why. Then you also understand why it is that more and more people are getting chronic diseases. And more importantly, by understanding that, you can reduce the chances of yourself or your family getting those kinds of diseases.”

Meticulous Research Provides New Insights

His painstaking research and clear writing style make C.F. van der Horst a promising author. The author’s characteristic feature is that he not only provides insight and links between abuses in the above topics, but also provides solutions to them. These elements constitute Deadly Lies: How Doctors and Patients Are Deceived into a remarkable and enjoyable read that will be used as a reference book by anyone for whom health is an important issue. For many, the book has proven to be an ‘eye-opener.’

Van der Horst’s exposé proved far ahead of its time. It describes the blueprint for the global controversy over COVID-19 and the manipulation of governments and health organizations.

Book 2: The Hidden Horrors of Psychiatry

His latest book, The Hidden Horrors of Psychiatry: Infiltrating the School System, Businesses and Your Home, was published in 2022. In this 482-page exposé, perhaps the definitive work on psychiatry, several essential and shocking issues concerning psychiatry are addressed. These are little exposed or at all unknown. Anyone dealing with mental health careand certainly social workers such as (general) physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers as well as psychiatrists themselvesshould be well aware of this. And because of the far-reaching impact, public representatives, government ministers, judges and lawyers, forensic doctors, police officers, employers, teachers, and parents should also be familiar with this data.

It describes the enormous risks of psychiatric diagnoses and treatments and the glaring lack of scientific evidence. The book is also written for (grand)parents and teachers with children diagnosed with ADHD as well as for those who want to help people with psychological problems. And anyone who wants to grasp more about mental health and psychiatry, especially its history, its alliance with the pharmaceutical industry, the various movements, the human rights violations taking place worldwide, and the dangers to public health, will find here an excellently documented work, for which one needs a strong stomach at times. Teachers will find a new opportunity to help their students actually grasp the material so that they can be interested and attentive in their work.

The Hidden Horrors of Psychiatry also covers the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This UN human rights treaty may well mean the end of psychiatry as we know it today.


The name C.F. van der Horst is a pseudonym. After years of living in the United States of America, the writer is back in Europe, where he is committed to working for a better society.

TV Interview With C.F. Van Der Horst

On April 23, 2019, C.F. van der Horst gave an interview at Alwareness tv (Salto1). You can view it below (Dutch spoken).

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